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is your partner for all things regarding languages. We find the most suited translator for your needs. You receive high-quality translations from native speakers and language experts trained in technical subjects.

The numerous language combinations are unlimited as is our roster of translators. We coordinate all translation processes, regardless of the number of languages. If needed, we can also provide interpreters and transcriptions of your audio contents.



About Us

Frau mit Buch


Every text has an inherent intension. Be it purely information about a product, a travel journal through a region or the technical and terminology-laden correspondence between business partners.

You will find the right translator for the respective occasion.

Our translators have either completed a university degree and are experts in a variety of technical and economical areas. Your documents will receive our full attention. After the translation process, it will be difficult to tell which is the original and which is the translation. During the translation, the translator analyzes the text for country-specific differences and adapts them to the requirements of his/her native language.

Overview of our services


Financial document translations

Marketing material translations

Specialized translations

Private document and record translations

… and much more

Editing / proof-reading / text optimization

In addition to translations, the text quality with regards to style, grammar and orthography in German but also in other languages is of great importance. In addition, texts should follow a logical format and display clear text guidance.

For this reason, the translations are revised again in house by two additional people. We will gladly correct or edit your texts with regards to all important linguistic aspects.

Foreign language typesetting

Foreign language typesetting includes desktop publishing in the foreign language with the respective foreign special characters.

With us, you have the option of receiving the translation and the typesetting from one source. This means you save time and expenses. Our programs are constantly being expanded so that we can react flexibly to your formatting specifications.


More and more, meeting data or other types of audio content is required in written form for certain purposes. For this reason, we offer you transcription, i.e. typing up audio recordings, interviews, presentations, etc. The original documents must be of excellent quality for a successful transcription. We work with DVDs, CDs and different digital formats (mp3, wav, mov, avi, mpeg, etc.).

The price of a transcription is calculated based on audio minutes and is based on the following factors:

An additional component of our transcription service is the subsequent translation of the transcribed texts by our professional translators.

We will gladly draft you a non-binding offer based on your special transcription and/or translation needs. After prior agreement on the phone or in writing, send us your audio/video file either digitally or using an analog data storage device. We look forward to hearing from you.

*Depending on the analysis purpose, different transcription systems can be used to type up your audio content. We use the simple transcript which forgoes precise details with regards to the phonetic and phonological characteristics to place more focus on the content of the speech. We will gladly perform your transcription using other methods such as GAT or HIAT.


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General Terms and Conditions (GT&C)


The General Terms and Conditions apply for the entire business transaction with our customers. The GT&Cs shall be acknowledged by the customer upon commissioning the order and shall apply for the entire duration of the business relationship even if we do not refer to the GT&Cs when accepting individual orders. They apply to future business transactions.


Orders of any kind must make the object of the transaction unequivocally clear. Verbal supplemental agreements and order changes only apply after obtaining written consent from us. We are not liable for delays or poor execution that results from incorrect, incomplete, ambiguous and illegible information, including information in the translation specifications provided by the client. We have the right to withdraw after confirmation of an order if we later receive information about the customer that is unsatisfactory.

Execution by third parties

We are authorized to employ third parties for the execution of all transactions if we deem it to be appropriate and sensible. We are only liable for the careful selection of third parties. Contact between the customer and the third party we commission requires our authorization.

Offers and prices

All offers and prices are non-binding. They can be adjusted based on the actual situation and the modified expense without special notification. The prices are in euros unless another currency is agreed upon. All of the prices in our offers are net prices not including tax. Payments goals, discounts or other deductions are not permitted unless they are expressly agreed upon.


The services with which we are commissioned and have accepted shall be executed in accordance with the order. We are not obligated to provide additional services beyond the scope of the order. When canceling an order, we are authorized to bill the customer for cancellation fees and lost remuneration of up to one hundred percent of the agreed upon fee.

Delivery deadlines and partial deliveries

Delivery deadlines shall be defined in good faith based on the available knowledge and can only be considered estimated delivery dates. They are not a binding confirmation. The customer is obligated to accept any and all partial deliveries in accordance with the agreed upon conditions.

Disruptions, force majeure, closing and limitation of operations, network and server errors, viruses

We are not liable for damages caused by the disruption of our operations, in particular due to force majeure, for instance, natural events, strikes, transportation disruptions, traffic-related delays, network and server errors, connections and transmission errors and other disruptions not caused by us as well as the absence of translators or interpreters. In these cases, we are authorized to withdraw from the contract entirely or partially. The same applies if we have to completely or partially shut down or limit our operations, in particular our online service on individual days or for a specific period of time.

We are not liable for damages caused by viruses, trojans, autodialers, spam emails or similar data. Our EDP facilities are regularly checked for these kinds of viruses and data. When delivering files via email or FTP, the customer is responsible for a final virus and data check of the transferred data and text files. We will not recognize potential claims for damages. Electronic transmission is at the client's own risk. We are not liable for damaged, incomplete or lost texts and data caused by electronic transmission.


The acceptance of the services or delivery, including partial deliveries, is a primary obligation of the customer. If the customer rejects or neglects the acceptance, he/she is in violation by delaying the acceptance without further notification and is liable for all resulting damages.


Complaints will only be recognized if they are submitted to us in writing, in case of obvious defects, immediately after transmission of the translation or after provision of services; in case of recognizable defects, immediately after the required review of the translation or service; in case of hidden defects, immediately after they are discovered; including substantiated indication of the defect. Any and all notices of defects are excluded two weeks after provision of services in case of obvious defects and four weeks after provision of services in case of recognizable defects. In case of substantiated defects of which we were properly notified, we are authorized to improve the translation or retranslate it as we deem appropriate, but a maximum of two times. The customer remains obligated to accept the services provided and complete payment.

Delays in delivery, impossibility, withdrawal and compensation for damages

The customer is only authorized to withdraw from the contract or perform the services him/herself if the services are delayed, require improvement and are reasonably impossible as well as in other cases if the deadline is significantly exceeded and he/she has set an appropriate grace period. The customer is subject to comprehensive obligations to cooperate. He/she is obligated to review every service we deliver for defects and appropriate applicability before he/she employs the service elsewhere. We are not liable for consequential damages if the customer does not fulfill his/her obligation to cooperate completely and in a timely fashion.

Transfer of rights

The transfer of rights by the customer requires our written consent.

Payment conditions

Insofar as not otherwise agreed upon, in business transactions with our customers, we require payment within 14 days from the invoice date excluding deductions, withholdings and offsets. The respective commissioning party is responsible for payment. If the customer is insolvent or unwilling to pay or if there are founded doubts regarding his/her ability or willingness to pay, we are authorized to issue an invoice that is due immediately. In this case, we are authorized to release the service or goods on a performance upon counter-performance basis in return for payment or we can withdraw from the contract.

All payments are final. If partial payments are agreed upon, the entire remaining amount is due if the customer is in arrears by at least two, either partial or full, consecutive partial payments. Provisions set by the customer regarding the offset of payments are not binding for us. We reserve the right to offset payments on payments and interest due as we deem appropriate. In case of payment default, we are authorized to withdraw from the contract after an appropriate grace period or require compensation for damages due to non-fulfillment. In addition, after previous notification, we are authorized to exercise the right of retention for any and all still pending deliveries or to require advanced payment. Upon request, the customer in default is obligated to release delivered goods that are still ours due to reservation of proprietary rights. In addition, we are authorized to demand the immediate payment of all pending invoices and invoices that are not yet due including the deferred payments. In case of default or deferral, we are authorized to calculate the credit interest rates commonly applied by banks starting on the date of default. Separate payment conditions only apply upon prior agreement.

Reservation of proprietary rights

Until the complete settlement of all open claims by the customer, the delivered services, including all pending rights, remain our property. If the retention of rights is connected to or processed with other third party objects or services, we acquire the co-ownership of the new object or service in proportion to the value of the retained goods or service to the other objects or services.

We maintain all rights to any and all work products from certain supplemental services such as the creation of a technical termbase, vocabulary collection or a glossary. Insofar as the proprietary rights to these services are transferred to the customer, the customer shall issue us a simple and transferable right to use these work products. We are authorized to reproduce, translate, revise and publicly report on the individually created work products. The rights of use shall be issued for an indefinite period and can only be terminated for good cause.

Our prior consent is required for exploitation and changes to our services by third parties.

Third party rights

The customer shall ensure that no third party rights to the information, documents and other objects transmitted to us oppose the revision, exploitation, reproduction and/or publication of the revision. The customer releases us and our subcontractors from any liability for third party claims that are based on the use, revision, exploitation or reproduction of said information, documents and other objects or their revision.


We are obligated to keep information designated as confidential and provided to us by the customer in the framework of our cooperation confidential and to take appropriate measures to prevent unauthorized third parties from gaining knowledge of said information or documents and/or being able to use said information and documents. The obligation to maintain confidentiality ends as soon as the confidential information becomes public knowledge and is thus in the public domain or if we were already aware of the information. In principle, we will not transfer customer information to unauthorized third parties, but can employ third parties to provide the services insofar as they are bound by confidentiality. The duty of confidentiality ends three years after transferal of the information or documents to us.

Due to external intervention possibilities, we cannot guarantee absolute confidentiality for the electronic transmission of texts and data between the customer and us.

Insofar as stricter confidentiality obligations are required for processing certain documents, the customer is obligated to illustrate these requirements precisely upon commissioning the order and if necessary, provide the programs, codes and passwords to be used.

Data protection

The customer herewith declares that he/she agrees to his/her data being stored in accordance with the data protection laws.

Applicable law

For all legal relationships between the customer and us, the laws of the Federal Republic of Germany apply excluding the uniform UN Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods (CISG).


The exclusive place of jurisdiction is in Chemnitz, Germany.

Severability Clause

If one or more provisions in these GT&Cs should initially be or become invalid, the validity of the other provisions remains unaffected. The provision that comes closest to the legal and economic purpose of the invalid provision shall apply. The submitted German language version is the authoritative version of these GT&Cs.